• Jason Cox

Zero Waste, . . . what?

Well, I like to think that I am reasonably intelligent, and up to date in my thinking. However, it was only a month ago that I read the June issue of National Geographic and learned about all the plastic and other waste littering the planet. At first I really worried about the size of the problem. Than I noticed that every day I through a full trash bag of waste by myself. One person, like me, a bag a day. Now I focus on the part of the problem is me.

Very soon after starting to learn about the plastic, I heard of something called the zero waste lifestyle. Of course not everyone will be able to reduce their waste to zero, but it is easy enough so you can reduce your waste footprint and probably save some money while your at it.

Basically, there are five ways to reduce the waste in your life.

Refuse what you don’t need. For example, turning down the plastic straw at lunch.

Reduce what you use, saving on the grocery bill, and s

aving water.

Reusing what you can till it doesn’t work anymore.

Reparing what you can.

And last, recycle, only if the first four don’t work.

As I learn about how to succeed in the zero waste lifestyle, I will share my thoughts and genius ideas (just joking). Please share your thoughts. We will learn together.

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