• Jason Cox


I guess you could say i'm an old hippy. Im always happiest when I am outside. After high school, I tried hvac repair and pest control before starting a fishing guide service on congaree river. That is when I first saw Mazie. She was watching me clean my fish and start my cooking fire. – Mazie was a young (adolescent) sasquatch. She was about 5'3”-5'5” from estimating her height. I have been in awe of her from the first moment I saw her. She was apelike in many of her movements. She had a body much like a gibbon and a coloring of an orangatan. Her face was human somewhat resembling a couple women I knew from town, like my cousin Mindy. I am Toby Miles, or “Cricket” as my classmates knew me. I graduated from Midway High in Lugoff and started school at Sandhills Community College taking courses toward certification in HVAC. In the evening, I would deliver pizza. My days off were spent meandering on the river catching fish and looking for arrow heads. That particular day I remember pretty well. It was November 18. The sky was overcast and the air was dry and about 60 degrees. Beautiful day. I had been very lucky that day, hauling out about ten big panfish and letting most of them go. Back in camp I had just lit the fire and was beginning to remove the fish scales. Then all of a sudden I saw it. In a split second I jerked my head to get the hair out of my eyes I saw not ten feet to my right the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. Think Zoe Saldana, but not blue. Or Sade with more body hair. Wow. I literally spent the next week looking for her. I didnt even call work. I just stayed out in the woods stalking this creature with my shitty camera phone. Its now been about two years and my life has not gotten any more productive. In fact, its gotten worse. I have no idea what Im doing. What can I do, though. If I dont get some proof I can never tell anyone. I would be shamed. Im already socially awkward. If I do that I will never get laid. Or married, or probably have friends anymore. And I can't help but think about what I saw twenty four hours a day. Its in my dreams and I have given up everything to search for it. It, them, us what did I see. She was not bigfoot, she was just like us. Why did I see her? Im sure she has a family. She seemed healthy. Why did I never see her again? I've now got a permanent camp in the woods. A tent, a garden, and a grill. I love my camp, at least. Especially, my garden. I have been experimenting with growing native plants the last few years and have a good collection of seeds. The garden coupled with some foraging for plants and bugs keeps me satisfied. The grill is cool, too, because I can use it not only to grill vegetables but I use it to heat water and Im learning to make cattail pancakes. I've got a permanent camp and I am completely off the grid. I haven't used my debit card in eighteen months. That was the last I went into town for supplies and then poof. Everyone I ever knew probably thinks I am dead. I feel terrible. Really, I do.


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